Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Productive Saturday!

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I have been trying unsuccessfully to get some things in the freezer. I am happy to report that this Saturday I was able to get some things done! It was exciting to be able to try some new recipes that I have wanted to try for a while

Here is what got done today:

1 1/2 dozen banana chocolate chip muffins (I'll be sharing this recipe tomorrow!)

These are pita pockets. I used this recipe, but I added one cup of whole wheat flour. The last time I made them with only white they were softer and shaped a little better ;) The boys liked them though. I need to work toward making them 100% whole wheat.
For lunch we ate those pitas filled with these Chick Pea Patties from Dreena Burton's book Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan. Chuck and I really enjoyed them. I think the boys just tolerated them.
I have been wanting to make tortillas for a while since the boys love them. I tried today and they didn't come out half bad. I wish they were a little thinner. They taste great, but might be hard to roll. I am looking forward to experimenting with them a little more. Making them thinner and wheat wheat.

All of my boys LOVE applesauce! I like to make it in the crockpot if I can. I was able to make one full crock, which turned out to be 3 containers, 1 for lunch, 1 for the fridge and 1 for the freezer. Love making this in the crockpot, makes the whole house smell wonderful.

I was also able to mix up a batch of hot chocolate mix. The boys have been asking me for a while. This before I mixed it up. I like doing it this way because it is easy, so much cheaper and hot chocolate at the store has a lot of stuff in it that I'd rather steer clear from. The picture above is before I shook it up. Here is the recipe I use. I just decrease sugar.
The only other thing I made that is not pictures is a batch of granola bars.

Hope your Saturday was a good one!

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