Friday, January 29, 2010

Freezer Cooking in February!

Money Saving Mom and Life As MOM are teaming up again for their monthly Freezer Cooking Day. I am so excited that we are supposed to have bad weather because I am hoping that this will be my largest Freezer Cooking Day yet!

I know I made a plan not to grocery shop until the February 1st, but then the weather report said that we were going to get snow and when you live in North Carolina, you MUST go to the grocery store before it snows, so I did! Plus, it turns out that there was a little miscommunication between Chuck and I on the budget, but I'll clear that up later. It also didn't hurt that Kroger and Harris Teeter had some great deals that I couldn't pass up (I saved about $130), that were desperately needed to restock my pantry for this Freezer Cooking Day. Additionally, when I have a large portion of the dinner ready to take out of the freezer for my men, I can focus on cooking my meal separately if theirs has dairy and meat.

Here is what I have planned to make over the next few days:


-vegan - Banana Berry Coconut Muffins

-French Toast Sticks

-Whole Wheat Waffles

-Whole Wheat Bagels


-tomato sauce


-Baked Pasta Casserole

-cook and cube/shred chicken

-brown ground beef

-Freezer Mashed Potatoes

-Layered Chicken Enchilada Casserole

-Sweet Potatoes

-black beans

-chicken broth

Snacks/Baked Goods:

-vegan - garlic basil muffins

-vegan - Cranberry Orange Bread x 2

Day 1 - January 29th

1. Make Whole Wheat Bread for French Toast Sticks
2. Bake sweet potatoes
3. Cook chicken in crockpot.
4. Cook black beans in crockpot.
5. Assemble Sweet Potato Casserole and freeze.

Day 2 - January 30th

1. Peel, cube and cook potatoes in crockpot for Freezer Mashed Potatoes
2. Begin Sauce and make meatballs.
3. Brown the rest of the beef.
4. Cook pasta and make bagel dough.
5. Assemble Freezer Mashed Potatoes, Baked Pasta Casserole and Chicken Enchilada Casserole.
6. Mix up waffle mix and cook as I make all the other muffins and breads.

Day 3 - January 31st

1. Finish up anything that didn't get done and RELAX!!

We'll see how it goes!

Blessings, Jennifer


  1. Your plan sounds great! I might have to try those banana berry coconut muffins. I love anything with coconut in it :-)

  2. Thanks for the bagel recipe link. Bagels here are pitiful! Just pitiful. And only one store has them...from time-to-time. These will be fun to make with the girls. I'll let you know how they turn out.

  3. I didn't realize you were in NC. I am, too. I'm on the coast.