Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Plan to Restock the Freezer - Ain't happenin'!

I had mentioned a week or so ago that our freezer was getting low and I was planning to try to restock it. What I discovered is that trying to do a little bit here and there does not work because these boys eat like animals!!! I can hardly get anything to the freezer, they gobble it up before it gets there.

Here is my first attempt, 2 dozen pumpkin muffins, whole wheat bread, and pumpkin bread.

Only the pumpkin bread made it to the freezer and that will be gone this week.

Attempt #2 French Toast, made two batches, they are both gone. One made it to the freezer for a couple of days, but it has already been eaten up.

Attempt #3, Maple Banana Bread, made two...this one will be eaten this morning for breakfast.
(The bread is delicious, though the picture might say otherwise ;) It is vegan and made with whole wheat pastry flour. I like to bake it in a round pan because then the boys feel like they are eating cake for breakfast and I get to feel like a cool mom for a little bit, while still giving them something healthy, but also because it bakes a lot faster. I hope you give it a try!)

Therefore, my mission to fill the freezer failed. It is still as empty as when I started.

I think if I am going to fill my freezer, I will need to make it an all day affair, just to stay ahead of the boys.

Am I disappointed....not at all, just thankful that I have four healthy boys to cook for. Just need to change my game plan a bit!


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