Monday, March 8, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Happy Monday! We had a wonderful weekend away on a homeschool trip to Pamplin Park. It was a wonderful weekend filled great friends and family. Now that we are home, I am trying to get caught up on my domestic responsibilities including laundry and of course, menu planning!

So here you have our plan for the week!

Breakfast Ideas:
avocado pudding w/granola (vegan)
cereal x2
eggs and toast
Carob Blueberry Waffles (vegan)
Spelt Zucchini muffins (vegan)

We normally serve green drink with our breakfasts. Check out some ideas for that here, or here.

Lunch Ideas:
chick pea and pasta soup
PB & J or tuna sandwiches
baked potatoes w/the fixin’s
pasta w/marinara
leftovers x2

We usually serve raw fruit and veggies with lunch.

Dinner Ideas:
shrimp/veggie fajitas
rice and beans
beef stew (crock pot)
veggie shepherd’s pie
tortilla crusted asparagus pie
spaghetti w/ spicy turkey meat sauce
Manhattan Cod Chowder

We usually have fresh bread/rolls and salad with dinner.

Snack ideas:
guacamole w/cukes and homemade tortilla chips
ants on a log (celery w/pb and raisins)
fresh fruit
granola bars

We finally got our camera back, so I am hoping to share some recipes with you this week. I am trying quite a few new ideas.

Have a wonderful week! For more menu ideas check out


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