Thursday, February 11, 2010

Healthy Smoothie - Day 4

No, my camera isn't fixed. My husband sent it in today. These pictures are from a couple of weeks back. I tried to make a veggie drink for my boys. I wish I could tell you it came out delicious. I had visions of it coming out just like V-8, which I love, but it didn't. It was actually pretty nasty...

It looks like it should be good, right?!

Why am I sharing it you ask? Because I am hoping it will prompt you to send me your ideas for veggie drinks that are delish!
Come on, send 'em! I will try all the ones you send. Help me on my quest for a veggie drink!
Thanks, J


  1. i can't help you on this. anytime i add any veggies other than kale, i can hardly drink it.
    you have encouraged me to eat healthier, though, talking about your raw diet. i couldn't do that, but def. will be eating lots more veggies. i know i would feel better.

  2. Jen - what kind of blender do you recommend? Ours is really old and needs to be replaced. Thanks!

  3. I use a Vitamix and love it. It does everything. There are two attachments, one for dry and one for wet. I grind my wheat berries in the dry to make flour for our bread. However, it is very expensive.

    A lot of these recipes will work in your food process or regular blender. I would recommend cutting them a lot smaller that you see in the pictures here. I would also recommend that if you are using kale, you chop it and then put it in the liquid by itself and blend it before adding the other fruits/veggies. Hope that helps.

  4. I've been using my juicer for a couple weeks now, and here's a recipe we all like. You do need to cut the rind off the grapefruit and oranges, or else it's too bitter:

    1 grapefruit
    1 orange
    1 apple
    1 pear
    2 carrots

    I juice them, you could blend them in the vita-mix. Maybe it's not as veggie-heavy as you're used to, but we're still getting accustomed to the hidden vegetables!