Sunday, May 9, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

As you may know, I haven't done a weekly menu plan in a while. It has been very hard to manage without a plan and I must admit, our meals have been a bit boring. Now that school is winding down, I am hoping to get back to sharing our menu each week. I have been given the green light to try a week of all vegan dinners. I am going to serve meat at lunch only. We'll see how it goes. This is great for me because it enables me to try some different recipes. If they turn out, I'll be sharing them over the week.

Here is what I have planned for this week:
Breakfast Ideas:
-granola w/almond milk
-Maple Banana Loaf
-toast w/almond butter
-creamy oatmeal
-Blueberry Carob Pancakes
-Apple Hemp Muffins

We normally serve green drink with our breakfasts.

Lunch Ideas:
-taco salad
-almond butter and jelly sandwiches
-chick pea and pasta soup
-Goddess Garbanzos in a WW pita pocket (similar to chicken salad w/garbanzos)
-beef and barley soup in crockpot

We usually serve raw fruit and veggies with lunch. (On meat days, I'll be enjoying salads)

Dinner Ideas:
-Chili Pasta Bake
-Brown Rice ‘n’ Beans “Jumble-aya”
-Mac and Cheeze
-Orange Sesame Tofu w/brown rice
-Roasted Tomato-Fennel Pasta w/pine nuts and capers
-vegan risotto

We usually have fresh bread/rolls and salad with dinner.

Kale chips
Celery w/dressing
Apple slices w/almond butter
guacamole w/chips
Have a great week!


  1. I had baked kale for the first time last week - it was amazing! I'm guessing that's what kale chips are. We used balsamic vinegar and olive oil and baked them in the oven. How do you do yours?

  2. Yes! I break the kale into bite size pieces and coat them with olive oil. Then I sprinkle with nutritional yeast and salt and bake them until they are crisp. Really, really yummy!